Updating DNS Records

This was a fairly straightforward process:

  1. Log into GitHub > Go to your public repo > Settings > Pages: and enter your domain in the Custom Domain section Custom Domain
  2. Add your domain name www.wesgould.com
  3. Log into your DNS provider.
    • Delete CNAME / A-RECORDs for www.wesgould.com and wesgould.com to avoid conflicts with the new records.
    • ADD CNAME RECORD for www.wesgould.com.
    • Add A-RECORD for wesgould.com.
  4. To create A records, point your apex domain to the IP addresses for GitHub Pages:
  5. To create AAAA records, point your apex domain to the IP addresses for GitHub Pages:
    - 2606:50c0:8000::153
    - 2606:50c0:8001::153
    - 2606:50c0:8002::153
    - 2606:50c0:8003::153
  6. Be impatient because “it didn’t work!” (immediately). But it’s DNS propagation and it’s slow. I understand why it takes a while, and theoretically it could take days to fully propagate, but it also seems crazy that it’s not instantaneous in 2023. That said, it probably took me longer to complain here than it did to propagate.
  7. Try accessing the site. GitHub may report an error at first under where you entered your custom domain, but check again, and it should work.
    wesgould.com is improperly configured
    Domain does not resolve to the GitHub Pages server. For more information, see documentation (NotServedByPagesError).
  8. Make sure you check the HTTPS box.
  9. Do one last terminal dig to see the changes like a nerd. dig
  10. Bug your wife and friends to see if they can get to your site. Pretend they are as excited as you are even though “Okay now what” is about all you’ll get from them. That’s an exact quote from my wife.