Migration Pt2

Updating DNS Records# This was a fairly straightforward process: Log into GitHub > Go to your public repo > Settings > Pages: and enter your domain in the Custom Domain section Add your domain name Log into your DNS provider. Delete CNAME / A-RECORDs for and to avoid conflicts with the new records. ADD CNAME RECORD for Add A-RECORD for To create A records, point your apex domain to the IP addresses for GitHub Pages: - 185.
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Migrating to Hugo

It’s been an…adventure. Why Switch from Publii to Hugo?# I am switching from Publii to Hugo because I wanted to take advantage of the text notes I was already taking with Vimwiki for my various projects. The Publii interface was nice, but I’m already writing notes in a format that doesn’t require me to use their WYSIWYG editor. I know that seems lazy, but it’s an extra step that caused just enough friction that I wouldn’t update the blog.
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Turkey Trot 2019

Turkey Trot 2k19# Date: November 28, 2019 The family decided to go to a Turkey Trot before we ate Thanksgiving dinner. I bet my niece $1 that I would run it in under 40 minutes. I got < 33 minutes (unofficially—the times aren’t posted yet). About 900 people signed up for this particular 5k! The 2nd prize was a huge pie (and a $50 Dick’s gift card, but you can’t eat that so it’s less important).
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